Exclusive Canadian Distributor of Med Tech Sweden

Med Tech Sweden Vacuum Spine Board

As the Canadian Distributor of Med Tech Sweden, we're proud to supply rescuers with vacuum spine boards and splints for any immobilization challenge. Med Tech is known for its hybrid products that can work with many situations which means a lighter load for rescuers. Med Tech's mattresses range from 7' full-size to helicopter-friendly lightweight options.

Med Tech's Vacuum Spine Board (VSB) offers quick, comfortable and easy full-body immobilization for suspected spine, pelvic, or hip fractures and multiple fracture patients. 

Advantages of vacuum technology:
- Patient comfort (forms uniquely to each patient's body)
- Ease and speed of application
- Added insulation in cold environments
- Can be applied to patients in a variety of positions
- X-Ray transparency

VSB's are available in:
- 6' and 7' lengths
- Lightweight options for air transport and mountain rescue
- Pediatric and Bariatric options

Also available from Med Tech Sweden:
- Extremity Vacuum Splints (disposable available)
- Vacuum Splint Immobilizer
- Vacuum Head Immobilizer
- Vacuum Cervical Collar

Learn more about Med Tech Sweden and their products here

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