Conterra has been building technical equipment for over 28 years in Bellingham Washington.  All products bearing the CONTERRA label are hand built in the UNITED STATES by skilled workers, at a living wage.

      At Conterra we will not build a product for emergency use unless we can make it better and more unique than the competition. Our gear is designed with personal safety and convenience in mind.

      Conterra bags open with as few operations as possible, speeding up your response time, while decreasing the need for bio cleanup. We use absolutely the strongest, highest quality materials available, including Ballistics nylon , #10 coil zippers, and our new SI- TEX FLUID PROOF FABRIC. Even our label is made of fluid proof, injection molded vinyl.

      All of our equipment is proudly made in USA and features a lifetime guarantee.

      We have strong beliefs about sewn products overseas in oppressive environments for sewers.  We cannot support a model of business where we would have slavery stitched into our products.  It is difficult to say we are against slavery if we expect our fellow worker in a war torn country to sew our product for pennies and keep him in poverty for our profit.  Conterra products are hand built locally in America at a fair wage to support our quality standard, local economy, and the hands that built the gear you need to save lives.  Though it's more expensive gear, think about what your dollar supports.

      We believe the environment is everybody's responsibility.  At Conterra we operate with the environment in mind by reusing shipping boxes, packaging, and shipping full orders.  Having sewers local reduces our carbon footprint by drastically cutting the emissions of transportation.  We buy our fabric locally and purchase zippers, buckles, and other components from American manufacturers that have higher environmental standards and quality than China, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Honduras, or the Philippines.  Please think globally by buying locally. 

      90 products

      90 products