Our Product Picks for 2021

We've rounded up our top products for 2021 including newly released products, ones that are becoming increasingly popular, and the tried and tested ones that we can't live without.

Petzl Rescucender

Petzl Rescucender

Ease of use, sleek design and compact are the three things that come to mind when talking about the Petzl Rescucender. A mechanical prussic for use in rope rescue haul systems. It is easily added to the system for mechanical advantage in a Z-rig or on it's own as a rope clamp. The smoothed out cam will not shred the rope if shock loaded. We recommend this piece of gear for any rescue kit.


Med-Tech Vacuum Spine Board

Med-Tech Vacuum Mattresses

As the Canadian Master Distributor for Med-Tech, we're proud to supply rescuers with vacuum spine boards and splints for any immobilization challenge. Med-Tech is known for its hybrid products that can work with many situations which means a lighter load for rescuers. Med-Tech's mattresses range from 7' full-size to helicopter friendly lightweight options. 


Petzl Swift RL Pro

Petzl Swift RL PRO

This headlamp is flying off the shelves! Super bright, compact, and rechargeable. It ticks all the boxes. It also uses reactive lighting technologies, which means the brightness adjusts itself to adapt to the environment you're in.

Bonus feature: It attaches directly to your Strato or Vertex helmet without any extra hardware, or to virtually any other helmet using the Pixadapt.


SMC Figure 8

SMC Figure 8

The Figure 8 by SMC is a solidly built, practical and user-friendly piece of equipment. The one piece machined aluminum is very durable and will stand up to years of use. The aluminum is a natural heat sink so it dissipates heat quickly while in use. The built in ears make it easy to add friction hitches when needing to slow down descent and tie off. Aluminum makes it light and wears well. We recommend this piece of gear for any rescue kit. 


Eyolf Viking Harness

Eyolf Viking Harness 

The Viking harness was one of our best sellers in 2021. Comfortable, functional and customizable! Hard to go wrong with a Canadian-made harness at a great price point.


Climbing Technologies Sparrow

Climbing Technology Sparrow 

As a heavier rope tech, the Sparrow has been our favourite for a number of years. The "sweet spot" of the handle movement is much bigger than other industrial descenders. The friction spur is very useful for lowering heavy loads or rescue scenarios without having to add an extra carabiner. The EBS Braking system acts like an "anti-panic" feature without the abrupt stop and forced reset like most of its competition.

Bonus feature: It doesn't twist the rope!


Bluewater Safeline

Bluewater Safeline 

A new product line for us in 2021 but one that our sales team and many of our clients are very familiar with. Bluewater's rope is renowned across many industries with a reputation for durability and smooth handling. Pair that with NFPA "T" certification, a 50/50 core to sheath ratio and multiple colour options and you've got a product that sets the standard for rescue ropes.


 Conterra Edgebot Terrain Roller

Conterra Edgebot

The Edgebot is a quick, easy use edge protection. The curved feet have teeth to grip the edge whether it is a 90 degree corner edge or a sweeping curve like a pipe. The machined rollers are a smooth rolling surface for the ropes to go over the edge and not harm them. It come in two versions, one with a solid frame and one with hinges for more flexibility. We recommend this piece of gear for any rescue kit. 


Black Diamond BD Guide BT Beacaon

Black Diamond Guide BT Beacon

Redesigned with a much improved lock system, this beacon boasts a 60M search radius. It has the ability to mark multiple burials easily and it works with old analog beacons as well as today's newest tech.

Bonus features: Uses Bluetooth to run antennae diagnostics, firmware updates and training mode from your smartphone.

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