Our Product Picks for 2022

It's exciting to see what new products are coming to the rope access industry. We've had the opportunity to test out some fantastic new products coming for 2022 as well as check out updated products with new features and improvements. 

We've put together our favourite products for 2022 that we think are going to be great additions to your kit!

Edelrid Vertic Triple Lock Harness II

The VERTIC TRIPLE LOCK II is one of the only harnesses on the market with a truly integrated chest ascender. It has been designed first and foremost as a harness for rope access professionals and is loaded with features. We're still in the early days of its release but the feedback from our customers has all been super positive. This will definitely be one of the hottest products of 2022! 


Petzl Spin Pulley S1

The SPIN PULLEY S1 is a great addition to any kit. The Spin S1 takes a swivel, carabiner and pulley into a compact single unit that you can open under load. Awesome!

We're excited to see the two new models, the EXTREME and ASCENT of SAR Specific Drysuits launch this April.

The Extreme is an upgraded version of the previous version of the same name. Full featured for the toughest, full immersion conditions. Latex neck and wrist gaskets, waterproof booties, relief zips. This year it will be available in both a GoreTex Version and a more affordable durable 3-Layer TriTon™ fabric.

Brand New this year is the Ascent Drysuit, which has the same build quality as the Extreme, but is more comfort focused. This suit is better for longer wear and standby work. Featuring Neoprene neck and wrist gaskets, while not fully waterproof, are much easier to wear over long periods of time. Like the Extreme, this boasts reflective elements and reinforcement in high-wear areas, and is available in both GoreTex and TriTon.


SMC Apex Pulley

Seattle Manufacturing Company has come out with their exciting new APEX PULLEY. This is a NFPA-rated swivel pulley with a triple-action gate mechanism for easy, one-handed opening. It has symmetrical prusik-minding side-plates which reduces the chance of mis-rigging in progress capture systems. We also love that they're manufactured nearby in Ferndale, Washington!


Edelrid Chest Ascender

We like the quick attachment with the fabric strap and allows the integration into different chest harness systems. It works with 8mm to 13mm rope.


Petzl Roller Coaster

This may not be the most "exciting" product of 2022 but it will be one of the most useful! Petzl's ROLLER COASTER rope protector offers rope techs an affordable, versatile solution for protecting moving ropes from abrasion. The unit is reversible and can be used on either the flat or angled side making it possible to use on a flat surface, I-beam, square edge or guardrail. It can be used by itself or combined with other units via maillions, carabiners and even cord! Coming in at a modest weight of 470g, this is the piece of kit EVERY tech should have in their pack. 


Kask Safety Zenith X Helmets

Highly anticipated and finally in stock. This is the most comfortable helmet we carry. This helmet offers more value than similar helmets as it comes standard with a helmet bag, shell cleaner and even liner refresh spray!
Available in a whopping 10 colours plus 4 high-viz options, with vented (ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class C) and non vented (ANSI Z89.1 Type 1 Class E) options. Works with all the Kask attachments such as hearing protection, visors and sunshields.
There's even the X Air Combo which includes hearing protection, metal mesh visor and a brim making it the perfect setup for anyone doing tree work. These are rated for protection against side, front and rear impacts, and have a 10 year service life. 

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